Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Air Link Communications is a Telecommunications Company Providing Digital Cable and Internet Services in the Princes Town Area.

You can find us at #12 Contention Street Princes Town

You can pay your Air Link Bill at any one of the following:

  1. Via (Locations Nationwide)
  2. Any branch of First Citizens Bank (FCB)
  3. Any Branch of Bill express (Western Union)
  4. Online (Simply Click the Manage Account Tab)
  5. At our Payment Center at #12 Contention Street Princes Town.

Your account is automatically disconnected on the last working day of the month. If you would like your services reconnected, you must clear all arrears and pay a reconnection fee of $100. Once this is done your services will be reconnected.

Your Air Link Bills Can be paid Online using any major Credit Card, if you are Disconnected and you clear your entire Balance using the Online Payment Method the Reconnection Fee is automatically Waived and your Services are automatically Reconnected.

It would take 24-48 hours for a payment to be received and posted to your account. If you don’t see your payment reflected, you can contact our Call Center @ 609-LINK (5465).

You can Reach our Customer Care @ 609-LINK (5465) or 655-1306

You can Email   support@airlinktt.net

Cable TV FAQs

You can simply follow the steps below:

NB: Press menu->using the arrow keys ->go to system set->channel manage->tv manage->scroll to the respective channel and press 3- If you wish to unlock, the default password is 00000

You can try changing the batteries. If that does not work, you can visit our payment center where one of our Customer Service Representatives will assess your remote. If you need a replacement remote, there is a charge of $60.00

We offer a maximum of 4 set top boxes per account.

When a report is made to our Call Center, it is normally rectified within 24-48 hours.

Internet Service FAQs

All Internet Packages come Standard with a Wireless Router Included, This will enable you to Access your Internet Service on your Phone, Laptop and Tablet within your Home Only.

Yes all of our Internet Packages are Unlimited.